By Christabel H. Parker


Based on the debut novel by Christabel H. Parker:

In the year 2026, SCUBA diver and whale watcher Flynn McConnell takes a marine research team off shore. Her dive mission suddenly turns hellish with creatures dying and in distress all around her. Returning to the surface she finds a global catastrophe; the atmosphere is unbreathable, the passengers on her boat are dead, all life it seems has perished. Is it terrorists, a climate cataclysm? There are two missed calls from her doting fiancee and no one is responding to her urgent calls for help. The global media and social media are silent. With just two air tanks left, each breath brings Flynn closer to her own doom. To survive, Flynn is in a race against time like no other....

An apocalyptic thriller that'll leave you gasping for breath. Due for release in 2020. UNDER PRESSURE is the first in a trilogy.... stay tuned.


Will Under Pressure be released for sale?

Under Pressure will be released for sale in 2020. Will a copy find you?

Is Under Pressure based on a real story?

We'll see.

Are Sparticles real?


Who is Christabel H Parker?

Christabel H. Parker is a former Australian television producer and director. She was also a roving reporter for Fox Australia (Newscorp) travelling the world on special assignments. A former Walkley Award judge she began her career at the national broadcaster ABCTV news. Christabel settled permanently in North America in 2015. She lives in the wilds of Ontario with her husband, rock musician, Carl Dixon.

Is the character Hilton R Davies based on Donald Trump?

Not specifically.


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